What are the benefits of Instagram for businesses?

Instagram may not be as popular as other social media giants as Facebook and Twitter regarding its user base, but it’s correct to assume that it has evolved into one of the most effective advertising tools for businesses considering where it was eight years ago. And these new changes are leading big and small brands to realize that they could achieve much more by simply leveraging the tools available on Instagram.

So beyond the user-friendly features that are available on Instagram, how can you use it to advertise your business? How can you increase profits by taking advantage of these highly engaging tools?

While these are highly sensitive questions, there are relevant reasons and desirable benefits why you should start thinking in the direction of moving your business forward with Instagram. Below are some of the benefits of using such a platform for advertising your business:


Connecting with customers:

With a large number of users on platforms as Facebook and Twitter, companies are quick to explore these channels as their first means of getting across to their customers. These are platforms that undoubtedly feature a large number of followers, but when it comes to active engagement, the statistics clearly state otherwise.

Perhaps it’s because of the image nature of its content or for some other reason; research statistics indicate that Instagram can offer 100 times engagement compared to what one could have on Twitter.

Know what people like:

Although this may not be so obvious to you, your customers may be helping you do a considerable part of your marketing by sharing photos and discussing your business on Instagram.

This is especially true when your business has a physical location that customers can visit now and then.

For instance, let’s consider a restaurant; people will always share a photo of their favorite dish. With Instagram, it’s easy to share such pictures and even have their locations tagged. This is the fastest way to get the message out.

Hence, if you are following up on the conversation, you would be in pole position to know what your existing and new customers prefer.

Connecting with new audience:

Connecting easily with new photos, new businesses and new people has been one of the selling points of today’s Instagram. One of the ways to exploit this feature is by employing the use of hashtags. Just like what you have on other platforms, whenever someone includes a hashtag in a post, a link is automatically created. And when you follow that link, it’s going to connect you to a page where you can view everything that has been previously shared via that hashtag.


As an alternative to hashtags, you could also implement the ‘Discover me’ tab; it is also designed to assist users to connect with content and users that they consider relevant to their goals or objectives.


It stands out how social media platforms are helping various brands to climb to the top of their niche. And unsurprisingly, Instagram has been noted as one of the most efficient channels to have customers and potential customers engaged. This is no myth; this is real; you can equally influence your business by taking advantage of the tools available on Instagram.


101: Promoting your Event using Social Media

Do you need to spread the buzz about a new event in order to reach the maximum amount of attendees?

Social Media or better known as #social_media_event_marketing will handle this task for you. Especially that Social Media have diverse platforms that include a specific audience each as well as type of content.

Connecting with current and potential customers will allow you to gain more exposure over several platforms.

This 101 guide will help you promote your upcoming events using Social Media.


  • Choose your Social Network:

Social Media is spread over several platforms. The most common ones are #Facebook, #Instagram and #LinkedIn.

Facebook is more informative, allows you to obtain more engagement from followers, share event updates and, target your specific #audience.

Instagram is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Your posts (Videos or Photos) will get more #engagement on Instagram than any other platform.

As for LinkedIn, it’s a #professional_network that helps you share your event’s news and new announcements.

  • Upgrade your Social Profiles:

First things first, start by updating your Social Media profile pages description, Profile Picture, and Cover Photo to promote your event.

Don’t forget to include these three crucial things in your visuals: Location, Date, Time and the fees.


  • Choose a #Hashtag for your Event:

Hashtags grew in popularity over the past few years. They are used on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube…

When used properly and strategically, hashtags can provide lots of benefits to your Event:

  1. Hashtags make your content discover-able and allow you to find relevant content from other people and businesses.
  2. They can be used to draw the attention of a larger audience
  3. They can help promote your message and boost your social shares.

Click here for more info.

  • Create Facebook event:

Updating your Social Media profile is not enough to promote your event. Facebook offers a very useful feature called “Events” that helps you reach out to a new audience that is interested in a specific event category.

Events on Facebook are better defined than other platforms, they are similar to an e-invitation card. You are able to adjust an event’s timeline depending on the schedule, time, and location.

Other than that, you can invite people and let them choose between: “Interested, Going, and Not going”

You can also share the #event on other social media platforms in order to gain more engagement and gather more responses to the event page.

  • Create engaging content:

Set an overview content plan that includes all the data and information you want to offer to your audience.

Setting a #content_plan doesn’t only include basic information, but it needs to be more creative in order to captivate the audience’s attention. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to use images, raw footage from prior events, animated videos, and behind the scenes teasers. Using unified templates and colors for your posts, help your audience get more familiar with your Event.

If you are looking for more interaction on your Social Networks, don’t be afraid to offer prizes or free access to your event by creating an online Contest.


  • Set a Social Media Timeline:

Create a strategic Social Media plan by dividing your posts according to a specific schedule. Note that sharing a bulk of posts in one day and spamming your followers won’t help you increase your audience or get more engagement but it will make them bored and unfollow your page.

Keep your audience eager and wanting more.

  • Collaborate with influencers:

According to studies, over 90% of people trust recommendations from others. This is why you should identify #Influencers that your targeted audience shares brand values with and collaborate with them. This will make your attendees’ base increase tremendously.

  • Use Paid Social Media Ads:

Getting organic leads by using personalized content and SEO keywords is not enough for promoting your event especially if your profiles are newly active on Social Media.

Therefore, some platforms like Instagram and Facebook help you get more exposure and reach out to new audiences by #paid_ads.

Paid ads consist of #promoting your Facebook page, event page, Instagram and Facebook posts, and creating an #Ad. It all depends on the type of response you are looking for.

Boosted posts are typically to achieve audience engagement such as post likes, shares, and comments.

Facebook ads offer the greatest number of options for advertisers for their posts including gaining likes, clicks to their website, app installs, app engagement, website conversions, event responses, offers, video views, an optional call to action button & local awareness.


  • Go Live:

Live streaming videos during the event keeps your audience engaged, especially when the content is of great importance. It’s a versatile tool for promoting any event. Above all, it is very profitable.

#Social_Media is with no doubt, a very powerful tool to use nowadays for promoting any upcoming #Event.