Book your place in today’s digital market: Think Video


You don’t have to be Francis Ford Coppola to make a marketing video, and you don’t need the “Hobbit Trilogy” budget to establish a video marketing company.

All you need is some basic equipment, a creative and professional team, the vision, the passion and the good management to run the business and you’re ON.

You own a startup, a big company or a small business? Then you must surf the wave because video marketing is becoming an essential ingredient in the marketing toolkit. It’s not only a trend, and definitely no more an accessory. Companies all over the world are using it to promote their images, their brands and their goals, and to improve their websites traffic.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what’s the value of one minute of video in today’s life? It is 1.8 million words which are equal to 360 web pages. If an average page needs one hour to be written, the amount of pages equivalent to one minute of video needs 150 days to be written. Well, that’s huge… and, anyway, who has the time to read nowadays?

‘Why do you need your video done yesterday before today?’

All the requirements of today’s speedy life need to be quickly fulfilled with fast and mobile means to transmit and receive a message. So if you cannot ask someone to grab a flier or a magazine to read info about your product, there’s always video marketing to spread the message and complete the mission.

Experts in the marketing field in the United States defined 2016 as the year of the video marketing. Researchers showed that 78% of people watch videos at least once a week and 55% watch every day. They said that 13 seconds of video on social media (especially Instagram) are equal to a 50-second spot on TV. And that when a video is embedded on a homepage, the conversion rate increases by 200 to 300%. And that many viewers tend to know more about a product or a brand, and to buy it after watching a video.

Boaz Amidor Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications at WalkMe wrote on in April 28, 2016: ‘Google is testing out new ways of embedding video ads in its search engine results pages (SERPs) alongside traditional text-based ads. Sometime in the near future when you search in Google, instead of just textual-based results, you will see video streaming advertisements (video ads and ordinary post). As per Forbes, “This functionality could allow videos to emerge as thumbnails, which could then be expanded upon when clicked, or could introduce auto-played videos.” This is big.

Bing and Yahoo  have already been testing this for a while. However, as the largest search engine, Google jumping on the bandwagon is validating the importance of this tool. Not to mention that it’s a clear indicator of consumers becoming accustomed to visual media’.

‘Look for the most trusted video production partner’

So, if you’re a business owner or even if you run a non- profitable organization do not hesitate to make that phone call

Since September 2015, the company has been serving top-notch brands from diverse industries, and providing informative videos in Arabic, English and French languages of various types and styles for different commercial or non-profitable purposes: Corporate, Training, Event, Web Ad and more, to Lebanese, Arab and international companies and organizations in various industries: Telecom, Finance, Food, Construction, Medical, Aesthetic…

‘Make it short and make the most out of it’

Online consumers have a short attention span, and that’s when video plays its role. If they’re in a hurry, on the road or waiting to enter a meeting, they can still watch online videos on their smartphones or tablets as they don’t have the time to read a text.

Our versatile and agile team, whose members have distinctive capabilities, excels in compressing a large amount of technical data and converts it into a simple, engaging, story like video preserving the identity and style of the company.

Keeping in mind low quality videos will be treated as such by viewers; we produce quality content videos with client’s minimal time investment.

‘A professional team for a leading company’

We have a vision and a mission…

Our Vision is to lead the multimedia industry with creative concepts and short, concise movies with the latest technology available trends. We want to emerge as a market pioneer for informative short movies.

As for our mission, we work on providing complete designs to enhance your presence. A professional team of experienced journalists, multimedia engineers and core competence pioneers are at your service to make you stand out of competition, spread your message worldwide, and create awareness about who you are, what you do and what makes you different, while providing the highest quality of film making and innovative thinking.

‘A distinctive portfolio with different styles and clients’

Since its launching, Business Motion has been working on getting a more expanded base of clients, and gain more trust with being competent and believing and holding on to our core values

·       Excellency: We are fully committed to client satisfaction, quality service and timely delivery.

·       Creativity: We serve you with creative informative videos.

·       Respect: We respect everyone including all beliefs and cultures.

·       Integrity: that includes information discretion, contractual fulfillment and deliverables.

Business Motion has a full, diversified (whether in terms of styles or clients) and distinguished portfolio among its competitors. All of that was accomplished during only two years of work.

Finally, companies of all sizes worldwide became aware of the importance of video marketing and consider it as an essential pillar in their marketing plans and campaigns. So why wouldn’t you?