8 ways a blog can boost your business

July 10, 2017

Business Blogging is one of the most important marketing tactics that can help you strengthen and grow your business, reach your target audience, stand out above the competition and showcase your expertise. It is a community- building forum.

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Improve your corporate internal communication with video

June 27, 2017

Many companies spend a lot of time focusing on outward-facing videos which is very important, but they tend to forget the fact that video is just as effective when used within the organization.

It is no secret that internal communications are key to running a successful business. So how to improve and enhance your corporate internal communication?

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People Visit Your Website, Leave and Never Come Back, WHY?

June 12, 2017

Your website is often where potential customers form their first impressions of your company and decide whether or not to contact you. But simply having a website is not enough. You need to avoid making website mistakes that will lead to less traffic, lost conversions, lost time and energy and ultimately reduced revenue.

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9 Reasons Your Business Needs Video To Remain Competitive

May 30, 2017

Video is one of the strongest marketing tools available today. It is a basic part of any company’s marketing strategy.

I could give you a hundred explanations and statistics that reveal why you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy. But here are the 9 most powerful reasons why video marketing is worth considering for your business, along with supporting statistics.

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