ما هي المدّة المثاليّة للفيديو التّفسيريّ؟

February 23, 2017

إذاً، هل اتّخذت قرارك بصناعة فيديو تفسيريّ لشركتك؟ هذا عظيم. لكنّ هذا الأمر يطرح العديد من الأسئلة ومنها المدّة المثلى لمشروع الفيديو الخاصّ بك. إذاً، هل اتّخذت قرارك بصناعة فيديو تفسيري

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5 Facts about Video Marketing to Executives

February 07, 2017

Many businesses and corporate marketers are realizing the power of online video marketing. Moreover, many studies have been conducted about video marketing and loads of statistics and articles have been posted about the importance of video content, online videos and video marketing.

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7 Criteria to Produce a Killer Video

January 13, 2017

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And in business, if digital advancement gives you the chance to approach consumers more effectively, you should start advertising digitally and producing online videos.

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Watch Out for Your Career; It Might End in Favor of Technological Advancement!

December 12, 2016

s human beings, being passionate about knowledge impelled technological advancement in its first three industrial revolutions: mechanization (19th c.—mid 20th c.), mass production (late 19th c.—mid 20th c.), and automation (second half of the 20th c.). Currently, we are experiencing a fourth industrial revolution which is building upon its predecessors, thus combining automation and data in manufacturing technologies. It is robotization.

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