8 tips for selecting the perfect music for your video

May 01, 2017

Background Music is one of the most important steps in video creation.

Video requires a great musical background that matches the feel of the storyline.

But deciding what kind of music to use is not easy. So here are few tips for choosing the best music and using it for a video project.

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Video Production: 6 factors influencing the cost

April 17, 2017

Now that you took a smart decision and decided to produce a professional video for your business, your initial concern when hiring a video production company is the video production cost. So you start wondering “How much will the price of my video be?”

As with most things you buy, the amount you pay depends on a wide variety of factors.

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Optimize your brand’s YouTube channel in 7 ways

April 03, 2017

As I discussed in a previous blog post, businesses should utilize social media marketing as one way of building and growing their online presence. In fact, while Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms are important, there’s another website where you should establish a strong presence: YouTube.

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6 steps to write a rock-hard video script

March 20, 2017

Videos nowadays have become powerful marketing tools for all types of businesses. However, videos are not just about amazing visuals, awesome music, attractive animation, and the best voice over. In fact, developing the video SCRIPT is the most important part of any type of video, especially an explainer video: It is the foundation or the blueprint for videos

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