The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

October 17, 2019

  There are many benefits to companies practicing corporate social responsibility (CSR), ranging from helping to take care of the environment to increase the company’s revenue. CSR is a way for corporations contributes to the betterment of society, its own workspaces, and employees. It is an act of corporate citizenship; meaning that companies, like individuals,

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Small Business Social Media Marketing

October 02, 2019

  Social media is the modern age’s primary means of communication and interconnectivity, allowing individuals to connect with one another with ease. Businesses have also come to benefit greatly from social media as it has helped them establish an online presence that enables them to reach their target audience and, in turn, convert cyber interaction

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LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Brief Overview

September 18, 2019

  Advertising campaigns are crucial in many ways for businesses. Getting its name circulating through effective ad campaigns greatly increases the chance of getting more business, increasing sales, etc. Now, this article is not to discuss advertising in general, but an overview of how to effectively advertise your business on LinkedIn. Read on to learn

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A Calendar: 4 Reasons Why

September 04, 2019

    It is often something we tend to overlook, yet it is a key player in keeping your life organized and goal-oriented. Keeping a calendar is a sure way to reach your goals by dividing them into little pieces which you can tackle one at a time, be prepared for that upcoming quiz, and

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